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Deciding which nation has the best beaches seems an almost impossible task. However, when the United States made Hawaii the 50th state in 1959, it laid claim to what may be the best beaches in the world.

Lanikai Beach on Ohua is arguably the single-best seaside locale on the planet. Besides the magnificent white sands and the sparkling blue water of the Pacific Ocean it embraces, the great thing about Lanikai is that you can go there to avoid crowds and enjoy a peaceful time lounging in a quiet paradise. During weekdays, Lanikai is often empty pf people, although the opposite is true of weekends and holidays.

Lanikai is also somewhat primitive in that there’s no parking, public bathrooms or vendors of any kind. That’s what makes it special. It gives the beachgoer the feeling of being in an unspoiled location in a place of unparalleled beauty.

Baker Beach

Back on the mainland, consider Baker Beach in San Francisco. Although it is located fully within the confines of the city, stepping onto Baker Beach gives one the feeling of passing through a magic portal out of a clamorous urban environment and into an oceanside Elysium. It affords a spectacular view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The beach is of lovely white sand and the water is generally warm and inviting in summer months.

Crandon Park

Like Baker Beach, Crandon Park in Florida is a convenient place to get close to nature while still basically inside a city. Crandon Park features two miles of lovely beach on Key Biscayne, a location known for having among the most pristine and calm waters in the world. The environs include mangrove ecosystems, sand dunes and seagrass beds. An added bonus is the availability of an amusement center and nature learning facility. An offshore sandbar creates an area of calm water protected from crashing waves, making for superb swimming for children and adults alike

Singing Beach

Boston may be known for beans and the Bruins, but this city actually has some of the finest beaches in the world. A prime example is Singing Beach about an hour’s drive from the center of the city. It’s called Singing Beach because of the peculiar way the sand squeaks under your feet while you walk along the shore.