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Jonathan Pollen


About Jonathan Pollen

Jonathan Pollen, based in the UK, London, is a real estate expert and property developer. He possesses almost a decade of experience across a variety of industries, and gained experience as an accomplished rugby player. 

Throughout his life, Jonathan has had the opportunity to do a lot of travelling. When he was young, he went to New Zealand to play rugby and, to this day, the country has remained one of his favourite places. At 18, he and his brother travelled to Argentina together, another location that left a lasting impression on Jonathan. While his work tends to keep him busy, he still makes time to visit Europe two to three times per year. Often, he visits ski resorts in France and throughout Europe which provide a gateway to extensive ski areas, he is also an avid snowboarder as well as a persistent skier.

Also passionate about health and fitness. Growing up, he played football and rugby—two sports he still regularly plays. Jonathan believes that physical activity plays a large role in both physical and mental health and enjoys staying fit. His routine consists of weight training to increase his muscular strength and bodyweight training for increased mobility. He finds that he is able to gather most of the health and fitness information that he needs from online by researching fitness blogs and specific fitness training videos online that provide expert health and fitness advice, as well as curated products designed to help you reach peoples fitness goals. 

Jonathan Pollen’s experience with health and fitness, as well as travelling, has only worked to enhance his career. His career and experience with sports has taught him about the significance of staying in top shape. 

To learn more about Jonathan Pollen and his travel experiences and tips, make sure to check out his blog.