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The United States airline industry is in major turmoil right now. Every major airline has experienced widespread delays and cancellations at some point this year. Staffing shortages and increased demand for travel have been cited as the primary causes of the problems. While passengers are getting stranded at airports throughout the country, some areas have been affected more than others. These are the four worst airports to go through right now. 

Newark Liberty Airport

Flying into New Jersey has always been a popular practice for travelers looking to avoid the busy New York airports. This used to be a shrewd move, but that may no longer be the case. Newark Liberty Airport leads the country in canceled flights at 7.9%. It also comes in fourth place for the most delayed flights at 30%. This dreadful combination makes it the worst airport in the country to go through right now. 

John F. Kennedy Airport

Things do not get much better for travelers flying directly into New York. John F. Kennedy Airport ranks ninth in the country for the most cancellations, with a cancellation rate of 3.5%. There is also a very good chance your flight will get delayed when traveling through this airport in Queens. A total of 31.1% of its recent flights have been hit with some sort of delay, which ranks as the third-worst in the US. 

Chicago Midway Airport

You will not be able to escape airline problems when traveling through the heartland of the United States. Chicago Midway Airport has been forced to delay 36% of its departing flights. This ranks as the worst rate in the entire country. The one silver lining is Chicago Midway has a relatively low flight cancellation rate when compared to other busy airports in the country. 

Charlotte Douglas Airport 

The airport serving the largest city in North Carolina has been hit with a rash of issues lately. Charlotte Douglas Airport is the only airport outside of the New York metropolitan area to rank in the top 10 for the most flight delays and cancellations. It has delayed 27.8% of its flights and canceled 3.4% of them.