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Even though travel to many places around the world in 2020 has been restricted because of the COVID-19 outbreaks, 2021 will likely provide more opportunities for travel as restrictions begin to loosen. The start of the new year is the perfect time to start planning a trip to one of many desirable destinations. Here are some of the best places that are expected to be open to tourists in 2021.

Las Vegas

This gamblers’ paradise in Nevada’s Mojave Desert will likely be booming throughout much of 2021, and there should be many attractions that are open to the public as the city comes back to life. The Strip, which is an iconic section of Las Vegas Boulevard, features some of the city’s grandest hotels and casinos. The downtown section of Las Vegas is home to the Fremont Street Experience, which showcases an overhead neon lights show to entertain guests. Some of the top music acts, magicians and other entertainers also put on shows at various venues throughout the city.

British Virgin Islands

This archipelago in the Caribbean Sea has long been one of the top tropical getaways and can be the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. The breathtakingly beautiful sundrenched beaches often leave many visitors in a state of awe. The waters around the British Virgin Islands can also be toured by boat if visitors want to see more of what this spectacular archipelago has to offer.


Alberta is one of Canada’s leading provinces for outdoor adventures. Many of the local ski resorts, such as Lake Louise, Hidden Valley and Marmot Basin, become very active during the winter when the abundant snowfall creates ideal ski conditions. During the spring and summer months, the hiking trails that run through Banff National Park and other outdoor spaces in Alberta offer great opportunities to see wildlife along with some of the province’s most exquisite natural features.

New York City

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on New York’s economy, and a visit to the city can help the Big Apple bounce back stronger than ever. Hotels and other lodging facilities may even offer better deals on accommodations to try to attract more tourists in 2021. Central Park, Times Square and the Empire State Building are just a few must-see attractions in NYC. Some visitors have also enjoyed exploring the culturally diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx to discover some of the city’s best hidden gems.

Visiting any of these places can provide any traveler with a worthwhile experience. With all of the travel restrictions that were put in place throughout 2020, 2021 should be a great year to start traveling again.