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Surf fishing is a wonderful way to spend a long afternoon destressing and just flat out enjoying yourself in a way that few other activities offer.

The soothing rushing sounds of the waves, the smell of fresh sea-salted air and some sunshine all combine to create a balm for the soul.

If you’re looking for the best surf fishing locations in the country, it would be difficult to find a better place than the famous Outer Banks of North Carolina. These are a series of barrier islands of the coast of North Carolina that separate the mainland from the ocean.

Cape Point

Of the Outer Banks, Cape Point might be the most famous. This is an area where the land juts out into the Atlantic and then curves back sharply toward shore. The result is a series of beaches facing north and south. The Labrador and Gulf Stream currents meet here to make for one of the most amazing places to fish in the entire United States.

You can get to the best surf spots by walking, but permits are available to drive a 4×4 vehicle to a good location.

Oregon Inlet

Sticking with the Outer Banks, Oregon Inlet provides numerous locations for phenomenal surf fishing. The northern beach is terrific and the south beach wraps around to the southern side of the island. The northern beach transforms into a bulkhead and the south side provides a small sandy beach that’s easy to access. Again, these locations can be reached on foot or you can drive a 4×4 with a permit. The south beach is better if you want to drive because there’s a convenient parking lot a short walk to the water.

Now let’s jet off to the West Coast for some surf fishing Southern California style.

El Capitan State Beach

Twenty miles north of Santa Barbra, this beach is popular with the public so you may experience some competition for a good spot. However, moving toward the El Capitan Creek usually lets you avoid crowds.

Not far from the parking lot, a nice sandy beach slopes gently into the surf. A good place to try your luck is in between the first and second breakers where you’ll get a lot of action of surfperch. A bonus is a lot of sand crabs walking around here that many people use for bait.

Nearby are 132 camping sights if you want to rise early for some dawn fishing or stay late into the evening. The weather here is generally fabulous.