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With the pandemic in full force, many have taken to learning new outdoor activities. Rock climbing is a wonderful way to get out and explore while picking up a new hobby. The physicality, social aspect, and problem solving skills required draw in many beginners. For those just starting out, it’s important to remember to crawl before walking. It’s easy to get carried away but there are some basics that must be covered first. The following are just a few rock climbing tips for beginners.

When first starting out, it’s important to spend as much time whenever and wherever possible climbing. Climbing gyms are highly recommended before going out on a daring adventure. Gyms also provide the perfect opportunity to get to know other avid rock climbers who are always able to give some much needed pointers. Most climbing gyms offer introduction courses for beginners. This type of course is especially important to gain experience if any type of rope climbing will be done. The instructors cover how to belay safely as well how to properly tie a figure eight knot.

Finding a mentor can also be helpful to those climbers just beginning their journey. Though finding a mentor is becoming less common in large part due to rock climbing gyms, it is still possible to find one in your local community. The knowledge that can be gained through a mentorship is incredibly beneficial.

Create a list of goals to help stay on track. This is an excellent way to make progress and know what is being worked towards. The goals listed can be as simple as learning a brand new technique, or overcoming a fear. Make sure that the goals that are being set are realistic and measurable. Keeping a climbing journal is the best way to monitor the goals and to consistently create brand new ones.

Make a list of places to climb that can be worked towards in the future. Some of the most breathtaking views around the world can be seen while venturing off on a rock climbing trip. There is no better time to make these adventures happen than right now. Grab your rock climbing partner and set off on a journey to create new memories.