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The UK offers people plenty of interesting places that they could choose to go to for places to visit. People may even want to choose to travel by train, which could give them a new lease on life. The advantage of train travel is how relaxing and fun this form of travel can be. Why not let the journey become a part of the fun? What are some of the excellent destinations that someone could visit from the UK?


Known by the legendary moniker of, “The Eternal City,” the allure of Rome will draw you in like nowhere else. People will have access to some of the most fascinating history here like the renaissance and everything that happened during this time. The classic Italian landscape. Experiencing Italy is one of the experiences that you won’t soon forget. Individuals could have lunch on the Eurostar, and they will change for the Pallatino sleeper train afterwards.


Prague, a city that is famous for being the heart of Europe, tourists will find much of the original architecture well preserved and in its beautiful natural state. The Czech Republic in general has much to offer tourists, and people will find this stunning architecture throughout the city. Taking a train to Prague from London becomes a relaxing setting where you will see many beautiful things.


Looking for a short and quick getaway? Why not escape to Dublin over the weekend? The Emerald Isle holds a history and culture like few others, and tourists will have some of the most incredible history to learn from. Dublin is an easy country to visit by train. It doesn’t cost much either to get there, and people could get access to cheap fares.


People should never forget even how beautiful the UK itself can be. Nothing beats the highlands of Scotland, and because of its proximity, people won’t pay quite as much to get there. People could board the train on Friday night and come into the heart of the Scottish highlands by Saturday morning when the fun begins.

These are some of the easier countries that people could choose to visit from the UK. There are many choices available depending on the person’s choice.