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While a spontaneous road trip sounds like fun, taking off without a plan can lead to a troubling experience. You don’t have to plan out every detail, but you should be prepared for the challenges you’re most likely to encounter on the road. This guide can help you create a plan to make sure your weekend road trip is an enjoyable experience.


Prepare Your Vehicle

A few days before your road trip, make an appointment with your mechanic. This is a good time to get the oil changed and request a tune-up. Additionally, have your mechanic look over the vehicle for any issues that might pose a problem during a long drive. If the mechanic does discover an issue, consider renting a car or delaying your trip until you can get your vehicle repaired.


Stock Up on Supplies

In addition to packing up enough clothes and essentials to last throughout your time away from home, be sure to stock up on emergency supplies. You should make sure there’s a small set of tools in your vehicle. Add jumper cables, flashlights, road flares, and a paper map to help you in a roadside emergency. You should also invest in a first aid kit, which you can supplement with extra aspirin, antibacterial spray, bandages, and other medical care essentials. Adding a case of bottled water can also be useful on the road.


Don’t Drop Off the Grid Completely

Even though you want to be as spontaneous as possible, it’s also a good idea to let a few others know that you’ll be leaving town. A relative or close friend should know the details of your road trip just in case something happens and you don’t return home as expected. Additionally, letting your bank know you’ll be traveling will help you avoid unpleasant experiences with your credit and debits cards.


As you hit the road fully prepared for a safe journey, remember that your goal is to enjoy the excursion. Take plenty of stops along the way. You’ll find more amenities when you stop at truck stops instead of rest areas. Additionally, don’t be afraid to make a detour to see something interesting. This is your time to relax and explore the region, so follow your heart and have fun.