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If someone returns from vacation and reports that it was “okay” but “too touristy,” we all know what that means. It means that getting away from it all involved dodging a lot of other tourists and encountering cheesy shops and souvenir hawkers.


If you’re looking for a different kind of vacation this year that’s a bit off the beaten path but still does not require you to rough it too much, consider these amazing destinations:


Eagle Island, Georgia

What if you could rent your own private island for less than $500 a day? Well, Eagle Island off the coast of Georgie is a place where you can walk a beautiful beach, kick up the sand and never have to navigate around a horde of other beachgoers.


You can stay in a rustic and beautiful cabin that has a view of the Darien River. There’s a dock to fish off of while also being a great place to view the sunset. You can enjoy the use of an outdoor kitchen and lounge on a swinging porch bed.


This is a wonderful place to enjoy your “very own world” in a beautiful, natural seaside setting.


Stanley, Idaho

The tiny town of Stanley, Idaho, has just 69 residents and is a two-hour drive from Boise. Yet, the surrounding location has numerous activities and dozens of fascinating locations that you are going to want to see.


A good uncrowded place to stay in the Village Mountain Resort know for delicious and authentic foods inspired by traditional Idaho cuisine. The accommodations are described as “wonderfully cozy.”


Also near Stanley are Idaho’s hot springs heated by volcanic activity. They’re great for a deliciously relaxing soak and can leave you feeling energized. Choose Sunbeam Hot Springs or Boat Box Hot Springs.


The above are just a small sampling of things you can do in Stanley.


Solvang, California

Travel writers call this location “one of the best-hidden gems in the U.S.” However, it’s just a two-hour drive from Los Angeles or 40-minutes from Santa Barbara.


Solvang is a small quaint village that makes you feel like you have stepped through a teleportation device that zaps you instantly into a lovely village In Denmark. You’ll enjoy authentic Danish shops, architecture, foods, and culture. There are huge Old World windmills, the Round Tower, and the “red clog.”


The Hans Christian Anderson Park is a must-visit for kids in Solvang.